The Brewery

At St. Elias Brewing Company, we believe in handcrafting innovative, high quality, world class beers.

During the Summer months our 7 barrel brewhouse is operating at full capacity and the smell of fresh grain and fermenting ales drifts through the air.

During the winter months, our brewhouse is able to slow down, warranting the release of some specialty ales that have been captive for many months fermenting and aging in barrels, awaiting their winter release.

Our restaurant offers up to 10 different styles of Ale on tap, and we are consistently designing new variations to offer a wide selection for our ever growing, craft beer loving customers!

We offer 32 oz crowler cans to go of any beer we currently have on tap. Stock up for your summer time camping needs!

 St. Elias is family owned and operated and we pride ourselves in offering the finest ales in Alaska.