Permanent Ales




  • PUDDLE JUMPER PALE ALE: A copper colored American style pale ale featuring caramel flavors and an assertive but balanced Northwest hop finish. Brewed with pale, caramel malts, Belgian malts and hopped with Northwest hop varieties. Pairs well with any meat or red sauce pizza. 5.5% ABV



  • CZECH PILSNER: A traditional Czech pilsner made with German pilsner malts, saaz hops from the Czech republic and a pilsner lager yeast strain. It has a rich gold color and a wonderful hop aroma with clean flavors of light barley malts and a snappy hop finish. 4.4% ABV


  • THE FARMER’S FRIEND: A refreshing specialty ale with a malty, fruity backbone and hopped just to balance. The addition of malted rye adds a dry fruity complexity to this ale. Brewed with rye, flaked maize, Belgian malts and balanced with noble hops. Pairs well with the smokestack, peter rabbit and ranch chicken sandwich. 6.5% ABV


  • WILLIWAW IPA:  A Northwest style Indian pale ale. Citrusy Northwest hops take the center stage of this beer, while the caramel malt background stands to support the bracing bitterness. Brewed with pale, Munich, caramel malts and hopped with four different Northwest hop varieties. Pairs well with the brewhouse and lonestar pizza. 6.7% ABV



  • MOTHER’S MILK IRISH STOUT: An Irish style stout, dark with smooth chocolate flavors blend with hints of earthy English hop notes. Brewed  with pale, roasted barley, flaked barley and hopped with traditional English goldings. Pairs well with the Mt. Redoubt dessert. 3.8% ABV


In addition to our permanent ales selection, we offer up to 5 rotating seasonal taps. Our seasonal’s  range from severely hop forward ales to fruit varieties to whiskey bourbon barrel aged selections. Check our Facebook page or our menu at the restaurant for a current seasonal beer list.